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On the occasion of the Fête de la Gastronomie 2017 in France, set for the first time under the sign of autism, a project of participative work, both practical and funny, is on the rails: Cookbook recipes for autistic gourmets.

In this beautiful story, we are accompanied by two great French chefs,

- Guillaume Gomez, (Best Worker of France and Head of the kitchens of the Palais de l'Elysée),

- Michel Roth (Best Worker of France and Bocuse d'Or).

Autism, which affects about 600,000 people in France in addition to their relatives, is increasingly an object of discovery and wonder: indeed, if the specific sensory profile of people with autism can be a factor of exclusion or generate In situations of disability, it is increasingly perceived as a creative asset in all fields, from the most classical to the most abstract, like the quest for The harmony of colors in art, for example, people with autistic synesthetes.

If autism has become an inexhaustible subject in the English-speaking world of publications from the most scientific to the most popular, so far, the field lacks cooking and taste. This deficiency is certainly all the more regrettable because many parents have had to deal with the sometimes insurmountable difficulties of feeding their children and have to devise solutions which, from their refinement, can not be at all envious of the complexity of the child ' Culinary art of great chefs.

It is not in any way to conceive a medical treaty, let alone to make a doubtful praise of a particular regime so much vaunted by its interested promoters. Rather, it is in the register of the wonder of the sharing of successful everyday experiences that the project is inscribed: taking the recipes given by the families, giving each time the first names and the geographical origin of the idea , Chefs will express themselves on each proposal and will take ownership of the principle, drawing inspiration from it.

Undoubtedly, the most diverse registers will be explored, from the most serious to the most crazy - knowing that the distinction is not necessarily easy. Thus, the author of these lines will propose his favorite food of childhood to know the spaghetti with sugar. Horror of this side of the Pyrenees, meal of traditional festival in the region of Constantine (Algeria). In this way, we will learn how to make autistic macaroons, which, unlike their non-autistic counterparts, are harmonized in terms of taste between the cookie and the heart, thus putting an end to what many autistic people experience as a taste aggression doubled 'a scam. An intercultural dimension will be present, as associations from New Caledonia, the West Indies, etc. have already emerged.

More surprising perhaps, the book may include descriptions usually kept away from cookbooks, for example as to mineral waters, in a sort of classification according to their degree of autism-potability.

A must for parents of children with autism as well as those who dream of becoming, food would finally find its first everyday recipe book.

Josef Schovanec